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Fiorina and Christie Drop Out of Race. Jon Urbana Interviews Them

GOP Race for White House Thinning Even More

The presidential race for the White House in 2016 is heating up and will separate the strong from the weak. Like any other election, there are those who simply don’t make the cut in the end.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie happens to be one of those names, as he announced he was suspending his presidential campaign on Tuesday. His decision came after finishing with a low vote count in New Hampshire, coupled with finishing almost dead last in the Iowa caucuses previously. Christie’s campaign was relying on having a strong showing New Hampshire and while he did take some votes away from Senator Marco Rubio, his running was not enough to give him any kind of edge.

In an interview with each of the candidates, Jon Urbana was able to look ahead to see whether there’s interest in 2020. Watch both interviews on Urbana’s Vimeo page.

Christie is not the only one whose candidacy for president has now come to an end. Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina has also announced that she is suspending her campaign for the White House on Wednesday. In a statement released by Fiorina herself, she stated that the purpose of her campaign was about taking back the country from one political party who has given out nothing but empty promises to the people over and over. She added that despite suspending her campaign now, she will continue to fight for the people and start a change in the government that will allow the country to regain its full potential.

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