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Igor Cornelsen Makes Investing Simple

I used to be scared about saving for retirement. It seemed like something that was impossible to get started with. I just didn’t think that I had the ability to do it on my own. That was before I came across Igor Cornelsen and his advice. Now I have a better understanding of how to invest, and I would say that Igor has become the source of my new found knowledge. He has given me everything that I need to survive in the investment game, and I appreciate his level of dedication to educating those that need the advice.

I like the simple methods on brandyourself.com that he has used for give investors advice. There are only about three tips that he throws out: know the company that you are investing in, spread these investments out and make plans to consider international investing. That is it. Three simple tips that any novice can handle. I was thrilled to see that there was so little that I needed to know to get started. Most books on financial planning will make it seem like it takes a lifetime of investing experience is needed to starting selling and buying stocks. Igor doesn’t confuse me with a lot of jargon about irrelevant theories. He just tells me what I really need to know. I couldn’t ask for more from a consultant.

I certainly do believe that is why he is successful as a financial consultant. His business does well because people trust him. They believe in the advice that he is given. They are seeking his knowledge because it will eventually give them some sense of independence. That is huge, and more people need to know how to tap into the advice that he is relaying to investors.

Before he retired he was in Brazil. This was where he spent his time. He was an investment banker. I believe he is fund of the international trade because he has reaped the benefits of it. I think that the returns for some Brazilian stocks are better than some returns in America at times. This has made it very alluring to consider what Brazil has in store. I don’t think I would have considered global stocks, but Cornelsen’s theories on the street opened my eyes. He is the investor that knew the ropes and showed me what was out there. I know that there is more out there.

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