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George Soros: Trump is Helping ISIS

The 2016 Presidential Elections’ campaigning in the United States is now in full swing, and is heating up. Soon, the primary elections will shake out the weaker candidates and, eventually, the contest will be between two candidates, one Democrat, the other Republican.

Still, now it’s possible that multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg will enter the race as well and become the third bidder for the Oval Office.

While it’s still not sure who will win the primaries, Hillary Clinton used to be sure shot on the Democratic side. Things have changed and now she got a serious opponent from her party, Bernie Sanders.

Most recently, Hillary asked the voters to stop shopping around and give her the mandate. Meanwhile, on the Republican side, Donald Trump has become a serious contender, making it quite possible that it will be Clinton vs. Trump during November’s elections.

Trump, with wealth estimated between $4 to $5 billion dollars, is using his own money to help in getting elected. Yet, there’s a man five times richer who’s supporting Clinton’s campaign- George Soros himself.

To aid her campaign, Hillary Clinton claimed that Trump’s remarks about banning Muslims from entering the United States are helping ISIS to recruit terrorists. ISIS has certainly picked up on Clinton’s comments and now, indeed, is using Trump’s speech as a recruiting tool.

Now, George Soros comes to Clinton’s rescue and echoes what she has said. According to Forbes, Soros stated that “Trump is doing the work of ISIS.” In addition, he criticized another Republican candidate, Ted Cruz, while claiming that Hilary will win in a landslide.

It’s still early in the campaign, but already rough statements about Trump’s alleged assistance to ISIS are taking place. Meanwhile, Hillary is becoming more desperate. It’s likely that the comments and accusations on both sides will heat up.

Donald Trump is also a tough opponent, he surely will fire back at Clinton. And George Soros will likely make more controversial statements. More hard rhetoric is to come. In fact, we got ten more months of it coming.

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