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Radicals Threaten the Establishments Insanity Cycle

As far as presidential elections go, the upcoming 2016 election will be the first in decades that the American people have a chance to vote for a selection of candidates versus the two pre-approved choices. Two candidates, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, are about as far apart in views as two individuals can be yet both are exactly what the average American voter is looking for, change.

It has been a while since we have had a non-Bush or Clinton in the White House; the public is ready for something new and with Sanders and Trump satisfying the far-right and far-left, the Establishment is nervously begging voters to “stay sane” and choose one of the pre-approved, Establishment-friendly candidates. The possibility of radical candidate they can identify with in the mix is exciting for Americans and threatens to tear down the roots of insanity that has created one of the most charged political climates in history.

As Jon Urbana demursĀ on Bloomberg, Trump and Sanders may seem like crazy choices with their ideas and opinions leaning to the farthest sides of the spectrum however voting for the “same” candidates year after year and expecting things to change sounds equally crazy.

The question posed by Robert Parry sums up the urge to “stay sane” by the Establishment and vote for an approved candidate, is perfectly mind-boggling. “Is that ‘staying sane’ or ‘staying insane’?”

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