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Weisfogel supports Operation Smile

In the US alone, approximately 4,440 babies are born each year with a cleft lip. Operation Smile is a worldwide, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing properly timed medical surgeries to children who would otherwise have no access to care. They believe that every child deserves access to good medical care, and by providing surgeries to children with a cleft lip or palate, and continuing to return to the communities, they will eventually improve the hygiene and health of the entire community. Without the help of people like Avi Weisfogel, Operation Smile would not be successful in their mission.

A leading doctor in treating sleep disorders, dentist Avi Weisfogel understands what it takes to be confident. His work has taken him worldwide, setting up and training other doctors on how to run successful sleep labs, and teaching them how help patients to the best of their abilities. Arguably, one of the biggest factors in anyone’s ability to be confident is having a great smile. Dr. Weisfogel agrees that all children deserve to have the chance, regardless of financial ability, so he started a Gofundme campaign to raise money for the Operation Smile organization.

Dr. Weisfogel considers himself to be a dentist who will think outside the box to come up with the best solution for his clients. He loves helping people and craves continuing education in order to do so. It’s that dedication, along with the fact that he has 6 children of his own, that lead him to think of using his prestigious position in the dental industry to spear head a Gofundme Campaign for Operation Smile.

Just 4% of surgeries are performed on the poorest third of the world’s population. Operation Smile focuses solely on this group. They have visited more than 60 countries to bring new smiles to underprivileged kids in the 33 years the organization has been operating. It’s help from people like Dr. Weisfogel that allow Operation Smile to continue to advance in bettering our world.

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