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Charles Koch Reveals Why He wants The Criminal System Changed

In a surprising turn of events, Charles Koch has taken a seemingly liberal and Democrat stance on the criminal justice in America. He has termed the system as archaic and a gross miscarriage of justice.

Charles Koch was speaking via Mike Helland, who is his vice president and official spokesperson. It was an extensive interview in which Koch heavily criticized the American criminal system. He called it a ridiculous system that serves the interests of the wealthy.

Koch says the current $ 250 billion spent on the American criminal system is too much and pales in comparison to the $ 50 billion spend on schools. It is also a system that has replaced the judges with prosecutors essentially creating a monolith in the jury system. Prosecutors are today the judges, jury and executioners in American courts.

It has become possible to be arrested for a crime you didn’t know you committed and got charged criminally for it.

Charles Koch, CEO of Koch Industries, was especially mad at a lawsuit which in 1996 exposed his companies to lawsuits in Texas. The case dragged on for more than six years and saw the prosecutor misuse his powers to the extent they nearly lost. Koch says the six-year ordeal was one he doesn’t wish on his worst enemy and which the poor can’t afford.

Charles Koch points out that the American approach to crime is based on retribution and punishment instead of rehabilitation. It is a tough approach to crime instead of a smart approach to Crime. It has meant America has very high incarceration rates and return offenders. It is because the people once out of prison realize society doesn’t need them. It is thanks to a government system that has made it impossible for convicts to get a decent house and job.

Charles Koch says the system should stop making senseless crimes criminals behavior given the cost of the criminal tag in America. It is now possible to be arrested for smoking a joint and booked as a criminal. It is despite marijuana being legal in many states.

Charles Koch has always been vocal on issues affecting Americans. He started CATO institute in 1973 to help Americans achieve the ideals of a free and open society. Charles also advocates for a small lean government with little control over the people.

This article recappedĀ http://www.newsweek.com/charles-koch-closet-liberal-418860 on thisĀ 

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