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On The Stock Recovery And A Dondero Led Surge

The equities market is already showing signs of recovery buoyed a rise in oil prices. Most US stocks ended the week with big wins with Apple reporting a 5% increase in valuation. It was the 1st time they had closed higher in weeks and finished a rough run since August.

The S&P closed 2% higher while the energy field closed 4.3 % higher. Apple anticipates its stocks could see an even bigger rise thanks to the upcoming launch of the IPhone 7 in September. It is good news for the Santa Fe-based company that has struggled in recent years thanks to competition from Samsung.

Joe Corwin of the global trading equity trading at Highlands Capital Management noted that the rally was due to short coverings. Since they tanked several weeks ago, beaten down stocks in energy and materials, have led the recovery.

Sowin is a master trader at the Dallas-based firm. It has become well known for hiring highly qualified employees. Sowin said the market also responded well to news of a 14.7 % rise in home ownership.

The stock market is a game of expectations. It is based on the assumption that things will get better in time as things go on. Some big companies like GE and Starbucks have shown a high rise in stocks.

The analysis by Sowin shows that the Dow Jones rose by 210 points, the S&P 500 ROSE BY 37.91 and Nasdaq closed 110 points higher.

High-frequency trading has made a big come back and accounted for 49% of the trades. Highland Capital is a big time trader online.It has grown from inception in 1993 to today when it is $ 21 billion empire.The empire stretches from Dallas to Seoul South Korea.

James “Jim” Dondero founded Highlands Capital in 1993. It was in partnership with Mike Okada. It is a partnership that has born financial products like CDOs and other products.

Jim is a financial and accounting wiz with over 30 years experience in the credit market. He was the portfolio manager at American Express before he joined Protective life as a CEO of its subsidiary GIC.

Jim has leveraged his experience and entrepreneurial spirit to surge ahead. He took Highland Capital to heights unimaginable a few years ago. It is his ambition to make it the biggest and best-managed hedge fund in the world.

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