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A Cutthroat Businessman And Philanthropist, George Soros Takes A Stance On The Crisis Facing The EU

George Soros to be a cutthroat businessman. It’s what’s made him one of the 30 richest people in the world, and there’s no better example of his aggressive business practices than the Black Wednesday UK currency crisis. He quickly sold off US$10 billion worth of UK pounds to net himself a profit of US$1 billion, earning him the nickname “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England.” But while Soros doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty in the world of business, he is incredibly benevolent with the fortunes that he is amassed through his business practices.

This progressively minded philanthropist has seen some tough times. He was born to a Jewish family in Budapest, Hungary, to a wealthy mother who owned a thriving silk shop and a father who escaped being a prisoner of war in Russia during World War I. George Soros was only 13 years old when Nazi Germany occupied his home country. Although his family was nonobservant in the Jewish faith he was forced, with other Jewish schoolchildren, to report to the Jewish Council instead of attending school, but this did not stop him from learning. After the war his family relocated to London were Soros graduated from the School of Economics, where he cut his teeth in the business world. He was later moved to the United States to make his billions.

So you might think the billionaire would be torn between two worlds when it comes to the Syrian migrant crisis. On the one hand, the European Union could bar access to the migrants to protect their own economic interest. It would be a cutthroat businessman, but not the humane thing to do. The humane thing to do, and what Soros believes should be done, is an open door policy for the migrants fleeing the violence in Syria for the peace of the European Union.

A lot of European countries believe that letting migrants in will harm their economy and put a dent in the tourism business. If foreigners believe that the Syrian migrants posed the terrorism risk than the tourism industry will sag. But Soros knows what few others know in that the fate of one country in the European Union, is the fate of them all. The entire EU is linked through the health and vigor of their currency the euro. And the entire European Union acts as one country with free movement for citizens and equally free movement for the currency. If one of the European countries collapse then it is reasonable to believe that all European Union countries will be negatively impacted. That is why Germany and Chancellor Angela Merkel works so hard to save Greece during that country’s financial crisis.

Soros believes that Germany once again is the key to saving European Union. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s step to open Germany’s doors to almost 1 million Syrian migrants has been praised by Soros, but he believes she needs to like the way for the rest of the European Union by standing as the strongest country in Europe during the crisis.

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