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Belo Horizonte City Council Honors Leading Sponsor of Sport in Brazil, Ricardo Guimaraes

Ricardo Guimaraes has been the head of the family business, BMG bank, since 1998. BMG bank has become a leader in payroll loans. This success is attributed to the skillful management of Ricardo Guimaraes. He has overseen the growth of the bank that deals with clients having low default rates. Ricardo Guimaraes is also a sports lover especially football. He is an avid supporter of Atletico Mineiro. At the football club, he served as the president and sponsor.
Ricardo Guimaraes’ sport sponsorship strategy has been elicited by the visibility and excellent marketing opportunity it provides the bank. This is because it offers an effective way of making people aware of a brand. Ricardo Guimaraes is aware that sport sponsorship is an expensive affair but he points out that the benefits that come with it are better. Despite being an Atletico Mineiro fan, he also supports other categories of sport as well as other football teams without favoring a specific team or sport. This information was reported on Noticias R7.
Additionally, through his love for sports, Ricardo Guimaraes has made BMG bank the largest sponsor of Brazilian clubs. BMG sponsors 12 teams in Brazil’s first division. The figure represents more than half of the clubs that participate in the championship. This gives the bank access to the millions of fans that the clubs have. At the same time, BMG gets to share in the clubs glory when they win titles. The leader in payroll loans, BMG, started to invest in football starting from 2008. Within a period of two years, Ricardo Guimaraes had sponsored 8 clubs that were actively competing in various categories of the Brazilian Championship. This information was originally mentioned on Esporte.ig.com.
Ricardo Guimaraes is a recipient of a diploma of merit from the City Council of Belo Horizonte. He was awarded the diploma of merit due to his sport sponsoring initiatives as well as the support and assistance he has given throughout his career. The request to award him was given by Councilman, Daniel Nepomuceno, with speaker, Leo Bourgeois, opening the awarding ceremony. In 2004, the same house had awarded Ricardo Guimaraes the Grand Collar of the Legislative Merit. He noted that it was a great honor for the house to honor the entrepreneur again albeit on a personal basis.
Ricardo Guimaraes was grateful to Daniel Nepomuceno. He noted that his professional roots and family were in Belo Horizonte. Ricardo Guimaraes also added that he was honored to continue with the tradition of investing in sports and athletic activities that was started by his grandfather. The representative of the mayor, Jose Alfonso da Silva, Congressman, Wellington Prado, and Danil de Castro, the secretary of state government among other leaders, attended the event. Ricardo Guimaraes’ father, Flavio Guimaraes Pentagna, and son, Flavio Guimaraes Neto Pentagna, were also in attendance. This information was originally reported on Cmbh.mg.gov.br.

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