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Banco BMG’s Bank Executive Marcio Alaor Life History

Marcio Alaor was born in Santo Antonio town and currently lives in Rio. Alaor is a known entrepreneur and an in investor. He works with Banco BMG bank as a senior executive. Executive Alaor recently made a release on Tag Heuer Company, which is headed by Mr. Biver, who is a prominent client of Banco BMG bank. Executive Biver uses the modern sporting style while manufacturing his watches.


Marcio Alaor was impressed by CEO Biver decision to use stars in advertising his products. Biver has successfully used Cristiano Ronaldo and Tom Brady in advertising his watches. According to Biver, the use of celebrities in advertising increases sales as everyone is eager to be associated with a star. Biver termed celebrities as the best option of strategizing sales. Alaor also figured on digital marketing and sales as used by Tag Heuer Company. Biver made an impact of online shopping due to the urgency of getting the product.


The place of Marcio Alaor has elevated at a higher level in the capital market. Alaor has made solid contributions to the development of rural and economic set up of Santo Antonio. He has been serving as an encouragement figure and mentor to many people. Alaor has been having future dreams of Santo Antonio growth for his entire life. As a small boy, Marcio used to attends his school with an aim of promoting the living standards of his fellow citizens.


The Santo Antonio 33rd Agricultural show focused on the happy life of Marcio Alaor. The function was held in his hometown, where the exhibition food court was named after Marcio Alaor as a way of honoring his efforts and hard work in helping the residents. Marcio has successfully led to the city economic growth and prosperity. Doctor Wilmar took part in the success of Alaor. He mentored him while still a young boy and gave him financial support.


Alaor followed the teachings and advice of doctor Wilmar, a scenario that has promoted him to his current state. In the ceremony, the county mayor thanked and passed his gratitude to executive Alaor for not forgetting his hometown as many people do when they get material wealth. On the other hand, Marcio thanked the residents for honoring him while he was still alive. He also urged them to continue working together to make Santo Antonio a better place.

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