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Strong Influences Behind Brazil’s Economic Growth

Some of the needed items included in the remodel or building of a home include ceiling lining to fit out the inside spaces and insulating material for protection, keeping it structurally adequate. Many building materials however cause deforestation, depleting land of important resources. It is rare to find a company that creates building material, but also cares about the environment. One rarity is the Brazilian company established in 1951 known as Eucatex. Since its early beginnings, it has made and sold lining for ceilings and insulation using eucalyptus fiber. The company has also been recognized internationally for its respect for nature, earning various certifications throughout the years.

Success also came as Eucatex started producing paints which they used in their production of panels and ceiling tiles. They are widely known for their high quality acrylic resin that is water based (and low odor) that can be used on natural stone, bricks and tiles. Another ground breaking step for Eucatex was in the 1990’s when they began producing MDP panels and soon they received Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, an organization whose focus is on responsible management of forests. The company exports their products to more than 35 different countries from their four large factories.

Eucatex’s president is one whose solid status is also turning him into a brilliant investor. Like the company that he runs, Flavio Maluf stems from Brazil. This business man’s leadership and decisions has been vital in making Eucatex grow and prosper as a family business. The CEO, who is the son of Brazilian politician Paulo Maluf has maintained the company’s eco-friendly background in every plan that he has carried out.

With a passion for music, LinkedIn shows that Maluf earned a Bachelor’s Degree with a focus in mechanic engineering. He also cares about his community and he makes it a point to offer his services to organizations that benefit hospitals and homeless shelters. His website lists that Maluf has been married for many years and he enjoys spending time with his family. Recently the world’s eyes have been on the Brazilian economy that has nicely grown, thanks to individuals such as Maluf. Flavio can be found on Twitter if you’d like more info about the day to day life of a major executive.

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