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Koch is Not Happy with Ted Cruz and Donald Trump

Two billionaires have been involved in the Republican Party. They are known as the Koch brother. Charles Koch, however is not happy with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Charles G. Koch is a little concern with the direction that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are going in their debate. A recent interview with The Financial Times has found Koch lamenting the condition that the Republican Party is turning out to be in. One thing he is hinting at is the declining power of big money in politics. He has especially made clear his concerns over the policies that have been revealed by Trump and Cruz.

He expressed disappointment in the fact that Donald Trump has not addressed the urgent needs of this country. This is one thing that Koch is passionate about. One thing that he criticized is Donald Trump’s intention to keep Muslims out of the United States. He has said that such a plan goes against what America stands for. Charles Koch states that to do such a thing would be to destroy the freedom of society. Charles Koch talks about a wise saying that states that if one wants to defend his own liberty, he also has to fight for the liberties of those he hates the most.

Charles Koch is also disturbed by the proposal to carpet bomb the Islamic State militants. He believes that this would be a fruitless activity. Trump himself has looked to Charles Koch with scorn. Donald Trump is financially independent and is financing his own campaign. He has called anyone who takes the money and the influence of the Koch brothers puppets. However, a puppet master is the last thing that Charles Koch would say he feels like. He is just someone that is passionate for the freedom in his country.

Charles Koch’s concerns about the current Republican candidacy is valid. Donald Trump does show a lot of impulsiveness. One thing that Charles Koch has wondered about Donald Trumps plans is if he is going to progress to traveling to different countries while bombing every Muslim that he can see. Whatever the intention is behind that, it is not going to be a good look for America. Charles Koch is right to be concerned about Donald Trump. Of course, there is the chance that the Democratic party is going to have another win in the presidency. As of right now, Charles Koch is not confident about the way things are going in the Republican party.

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