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Ricard Guimaraes: A Leader in Brazilian Entrepreneurship

A recent online article on R7.com released the results of a study that was a joint effort of Endeavor and Meta, the British research institute. Ricardo Guimaraes, CEO of Banco BMG, noted that the study profiled Brazilian entrepreneurs as high in innovation, vision, and creativity, but low in proactivity, says the article. The study surveyed about 9000 respondents in Brazil and said that innovation was their highest attribute and proactivity was their lowest one, said the article.

According to the article, four different types of entrepreneurs were questioned to find out their greatest strengths and weaknesses. Guimaraes stated that the study was based on these perimeters: vision, creativity, proactivity, and innovation. An average score in each attitude would have to be at least 50 points, says the article and Brazil scored the highest among international participants in vision and creativity. Guimaraes also pointed out that Brazil scored lower in the world average for proactivity, says the article.

Compared to participants in the United States, Brazil, and other countries had a lower score in proactivity. The study put the Brazilian attributes in the following order by percentage: Innovation, creativity, vision, and proactivity. In the total average, the United States scored 146.6 and Brazil came in at 138.8 points, says the article.

Ricardo Guimaraes stated that male entrepreneurs scored just slightly higher than their female peers in Brazil, with a score of 138.8 compared to 136.7. When it came to age groups, Guimaraes reported that Brazilian entrepreneurs between the ages of 18-24 scored 139.4 compared to 136.1 in the 50-64-year-old category, says the article. Guimaraes opined that one of the reasons Brazil scores low in proactivity is the complexity of the business bureaucracy in his country. He also states that there is a lack of communication and uniformity in state and federal information.
Entrepreneurship is in Ricardo Guimaraes’ blood. His grandfather founded the Brazilian bank that would become Banco BMG, a premier financial institution in the country. Since the late 1970s, Guimaraes has worked with his family’s bank and specializes in investing in the global market. Guimaraes also has pioneered several projects to benefit his hometown and the rest of his country. One of his long-term goals has been to help other Brazilian businesses and entrepreneurs.

Recently, Ricardo Guimaraes was given a medal of honor in his hometown. The presentation was chronicled in an online article on dino.com. The mayor and several other government dignitaries spoke in honor of Guimaraes’ life work and his devotion to Brazil. He was also praised for his undying support of Brazilian national sports teams. BMG and Guimaraes have sponsored several star athletes from the national teams. He promotes his country around the world and is greatly respected for his work ethics and philanthropy.

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