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Beneful Dog Food News Recap

The average life span of dog is around 12 to 15 years. Over the centuries, dogs have become renowned for being intensely loyal to their owners. The feeling is mutual for those who own the dog, and after a period of time a dog can almost become another member of the family. Like our human members, we as dog owners have a desire to keep our canine family members as healthy as possible. One way to do this is to purchase better dog food for them. One brand that has a good reputation for making healthy dogs would be Beneful. Packed with important nutrients, Beneful has been professionally designed in order to keep an individual’s dog as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Beneful might be a little higher in price, but the old adage that “you get what you pay for” definitely rings true here. The fact of the matter is, the cheaper dog food brands are often akin to giving your pet junk food and could lead to problems such as expensive veterinary bills down the road. Brands such as Beneful are in the gourmet pet food industry, which is in 2015 was estimated to be worth $23.7 billion dollars.

CEOs such as Richard Thompson are heavily involved in this industry and expect only the best when their gourmet pet food is manufactured. One strategy that he and others in his industry employ would be to limit the time that the dog food sits on the shelf in order to keep the taste as fresh as possible. The main goal of dog food manufacturers such as Beneful is to produce products that are every bit as the human food that we put on our own tables. Manufacturers of gourmet dog food are constantly trying to be as innovative as possible. There are brands of dog food that will help your pooch lose weight. There are brands that have websites where the dog food can be customized. And there are even dog food brands that market lasagna and beef stroganoff flavors with the tag line that “he’ll have what you’re having.” The strategy where dogs eat like their owners do seems to be, as sales of Premium dog food have rose sharply in the last couple of months. One particular says that his company will turn a profit simply for the reason that most consumers are now into health and wellness. Because they want to treat their pet like family, they won’t mind paying a little extra for quality dog food.

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