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Sergio Cortes Reveals about the Auction Event of Michael Jackson’s Gloves

Sergio Cortes was born in Spain on July 1971. Sergio Cortes has made a great impact in the entertainment industry. Sergio Cortes started emulating Michael Jackson from his childhood. His passion for art development was elevated by his mother who used to buy him Michael Jackson video tapes. Cortes has successfully impersonated Michael Jackson due to his diverse talents and dancing moves that impress pop fans.

Comunique.com news recently made a publication of the report made by Sergio Cortes regarding the auctioning of MJ glove. Cortes stated that it was not the first time for the glove auctioning to take place. The first attempt of auctioning the glove reached a maximum cost of twenty thousand U.S Dollars. The scenario of auctioning the glove repeated itself in 2009 where the estimated value reached four hundred and two thousand dollars.

Artist Cortes, who goes by the stage name Sergio Jackson, implied that the pop king lastly used his gloves in Moonwalk shows. In the show, Michael Jackson made great dance moves that impressed his fans. Sergio Cortes added that the glove to be auctioned was white in color featuring bright and small sequins.
According to the newspressrelease, Michael Jackson used to wear his glove on one of his hands. MJ used to imply that there was no sense in wearing two gloves whereas one glove can serve the same purpose. Sergio Cortes reported that the auctioning of the glove that occurred on 30th July was purposely conducted to complete the initial one that valued at twenty thousand dollars.
Sergio Cortes added that the sleeve featured an auction of sixty-four thousand dollars. Winners of the auction were also offered with valuable items of the pop king whose death left his die-hard fans in demise. Cortes implied that the winner of the auction got a reward of paintings that were specially designed for Michael Jackson.
In 1984, Michael Jackson gave Paul Bernard a glove gift. Paul Bernard was one of his MJ closest friends. The pop king also presented more than a dozen painting featuring him to Bernard. Paul Bernard kept the pictures in his luxury mansion that is located at Neverland ranch.
Sergio Cortes implied that the auction was one of the fortunate events held to remember the life of the late Michael Jackson. The event mobilized people from the entire world to learn more about the artistic life of MJ.

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