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Life of Ricardo GuimarĂ£es,the President of Banco BMG

It is often said that people who are born with silver spoons in their mouths feel entitled, but it takes a great person to see past the family wealth and work hard to make a name for him or herself…. Continue Reading →

The Importance of Client Relationships

As a leading entrepreneur and investor, Brad Reifler has spent decades cultivating client relationships. As a result of his efforts, he has been able to start and build one successful company after another. While much of his time has been… Continue Reading →

Radicals Threaten the Establishments Insanity Cycle

As far as presidential elections go, the upcoming 2016 election will be the first in decades that the American people have a chance to vote for a selection of candidates versus the two pre-approved choices. Two candidates, Donald Trump and… Continue Reading →

Healthy Coffee Becomes a Reality

There are certain things in life that some people may not believe until they witness it. One such bold concept is healthy coffee. Millions of people spend money on coffee every year because they love the taste of it. Many… Continue Reading →

What Is All This Talk About Samir Tabar? Who Is This Guy?

If you have been paying attention to the capital strategy market you might be asking yourself who in the world is Sam Tabar and why are people talking about him? For those of you that have no clue, Sam Tabar… Continue Reading →

Keith Mann Philantropist Supports NYPD & Education

New York philanthropist Keith Mann believes strongly in supporting the local police, especially when the cops are under fire. At a time when many believe the police should be made to answer for indiscriminate shootings of black people, and more… Continue Reading →

Weisfogel supports Operation Smile

In the US alone, approximately 4,440 babies are born each year with a cleft lip. Operation Smile is a worldwide, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing properly timed medical surgeries to children who would otherwise have no access to care. They… Continue Reading →

Charles Koch Reveals Why He wants The Criminal System Changed

In a surprising turn of events, Charles Koch has taken a seemingly liberal and Democrat stance on the criminal justice in America. He has termed the system as archaic and a gross miscarriage of justice. Charles Koch was speaking via… Continue Reading →

On The Stock Recovery And A Dondero Led Surge

The equities market is already showing signs of recovery buoyed a rise in oil prices. Most US stocks ended the week with big wins with Apple reporting a 5% increase in valuation. It was the 1st time they had closed… Continue Reading →

A Cutthroat Businessman And Philanthropist, George Soros Takes A Stance On The Crisis Facing The EU

George Soros to be a cutthroat businessman. It’s what’s made him one of the 30 richest people in the world, and there’s no better example of his aggressive business practices than the Black Wednesday UK currency crisis. He quickly sold… Continue Reading →