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Charles Koch Giving and Giving

Charles Koch is the CEO, chairman, and co-owner of Koch industries. The industries deals mainly in oil and chemicals. Charles has donated $90 million to higher education institutions in the South. He donated through the Charles Koch Foundation. The foundation operates as a private and nonprofit organization. Giving universities money is something that Charles Koch has done for quite some time with majority of the money going to universities and colleges in the South.

The foundation usually funds academic programs, scholarships, professorship and economic centers. This is done with the aim of advancing free market agenda supported by Koch alongside his brother David. Over the past month, provost of North Carolina’s Western University asked the chancellor of the public school to approve a Charles Koch Foundation funded academic center. The chancellor has supported the move with voting by the school’s trustees expected to decide the fate of the academic center soon. However, the faculty senate of the school seems to oppose the move.
Between 2005 and 2014, Charles Koch Foundation and other groups led by Koch have donated approximately $108 million to 366 universities and colleges. Nearly 85% of the amount went to 147 Southern universities and colleges with a huge chunk of the money going to George Mason University in Virginia. Apart from George Mason University, other institutions that received a considerable share from the Koch Foundation include Florida State University that received $2.3 million and the Clemson University of South Carolina that received $1.3 million.
In terms of state, Virginia got the biggest share of $78.5 million, Florida received $3.3 million, and Kansas, the home state of Koch, received $2.4 million. Texas received $1.9 million while South Carolina received $1.7 million. The figures indicate the growth pattern of the education donations made by the Koch Foundation and other groups led by him since 2005. Charles Koch Foundation gave a donation of $2.3 million in 2005 while in 2014; the foundation gave out $23.6 million.
Charles Koch is an American philanthropist and businessman. After inheriting the business from his father, Charles Koch together with his brother David expanded the business to a conglomerate that it is today. Initially, the business dealt in oil and chemicals. Presently, it has diversified to other fields that include minerals, technology and ranching among others. Koch industries ranks as the second biggest privately held firm in the United States in terms of revenue. Charles Koch supports several education and political initiatives especially those geared towards free

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