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Highland Capital Management: Finishing Strong in 2015

According to an online article on Octafinance.com, Highland Capital Management LP released its third quarter report. The report values the hedge fund company‚Äôs portfolio value at $3.43 billion. The article points out that this filing represents less than a quarter… Continue Reading →

Charles Koch Donates Millions To Education

Charles Kotch, along with his brother David Koch, are owners and executives of Koch Industries. The business was inherited from their father, and since gaining control over it, they have managed to expand and create the second largest privately held… Continue Reading →

Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm that provides a number of services to clients. These services include financial advisory, business valuation and mergers and acquisitions. The services are available to both privately held and public companies. What… Continue Reading →

The older I get, the clearer the purpose of my life becomes. Dick DeVos is someone that stands tall as a beacon of light and hope. He is someone that clearly understands that this life and everything that goes along… Continue Reading →

Successful Real Estate Enterprises In Brazil Are More Common

Globalization is changing the entire world’s economy, and the changes are more evident in industrializing nations. Brazil is a nation that is becoming increasingly industrialized. This industrialization is bringing in jobs and lots of them. This has given many people… Continue Reading →

Charles Koch Giving and Giving

Charles Koch is the CEO, chairman, and co-owner of Koch industries. The industries deals mainly in oil and chemicals. Charles has donated $90 million to higher education institutions in the South. He donated through the Charles Koch Foundation. The foundation… Continue Reading →

Kock Foundation gives more than $90 million to southern universities

Charles Koch, and Koch Industries, have given about $90 million to universities in recent years, and much of that has gone to southern states according to a story by the Institute for Southern Studies. Just this year Charles Koch, and… Continue Reading →

Choose Beneful Dog Food for Healthier and Happier Pet

Too many pet owners are making the mistake of buying on Amazon their dog food based on a funny cute television commercial or animated cartoon character. The best thing you could do to give your dog all the nutrition they… Continue Reading →


Beneful Dry Dog Food, Healthy Weight with Real Chicken, 15.5-Pound Bag This is a great product for your dog to maintain a healthy weight and contains calorie-smart nutrition in Beneful Healthy Weight. Changed to this dry food and my dog… Continue Reading →