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BMG Vice President Marcio Alaor Honored For His Work In Rural Brazil

The city of Santo Antonio do Monte in central Brazil has recently been celebrating its annual agricultural exhibition that is a major event in the calendar of the local community. At this years 33rd annual exhibition the local community took the time to honor a local banking official who has played a key role in pushing forward the benefits of building a strong farming industry in the area. BMG Bank Vice President Marcio Alaor was on hand to see the food court at the exhibition named in his honor in recognition of his work to promote the agricultural industry of Santo Antonio do Monte.

Throughout its history the people of Santo Antonio do Monte were told the land of the area did not lend itself to being used for large levels of agriculture. However, Marcio Alaor took a different view and used his position within BMG Bank to push forward the benefits the local community could feel if farming became a major part of life. Alaor has been a major supporter of pushing forward the area for its agriculture, which now sees Santo Antonio do Monte known as the top milk producer in the region.

A number of top local officials attended the ceremony to rename the food court at the exhibition and to hand over a plaque showing Marcio Alaor just how thankful the local people are. The President of the Rural Union and the Mayor of Santo Antonio do Monte attended the presentation and gave speeches thanking Alaor for his work as a financial executive and in pushing forward charitable programs for the local community.

Finally, Marcio Alaor gave a speech of his own to provide inspiration and thanks to the local community to continue their work. Alaor joked that he was still alive and would continue working for the community, despite the fact that similar presentations are generally limited to those who are deceased. After thanking his family and colleagues Alaor explained how he had worked his way up to the position of BMG Bank Vice President from his early life as a shoeshine boy. Marcio Alaor thanked all those involved in the presentation and vowed to continue working for the benefit of the people of Santo Antonio do Monte in the future.

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