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Madison Street Capital – An Honest Alternative

In the brave new world of 21st century finance, where bottom lines dominate and confidentiality trumps transparency, businesses of all sizes are craving an unbiased source of financial advice and planning expertise. One firm that has stepped up to fill that niche is Madison Street Capital.

This Chicago-based organization, named for the street on which its headquarters can be found, offers a unique mindset that others in this field are too often afraid to take on. Madison Capital advisors and professionals excel in providing unbiased, third party analysis and advice that clients need to hear while recognizing it may not always be what the client *wants* to hear.

CEO Charles Botchway and his team operate in the full spectrum where business and money intersect. This includes advisory services, business valuation, asset management, mergers and acquisitions, independent third-party opinions and many other areas of expertise. They start by listening – working to understand the client’s needs before jumping in with any type of recommendation. Then they go to work to produce a thorough and objective solution based on hundreds of years of combined experience.

Education is at the core of what Madison Capital clients can expect from their relationship. The goal of this firm is to leave each client, or prospective client, better off as a result of their interaction, whether or not the client chooses to hire them. Madison Capital views their clients not simply as business entities but as extended family and accepts responsibility to serve the interests of owners, employees, all their families and the communities that depend on them.

While terms like honesty and integrity are often thrown out at random by firms looking to differentiate themselves from the crowd, Madison Capital invites all business owners, big and small, to judge for themselves how these values still exist and how both sides can benefit from a positive relationship with a unique financial services firm.

Segment host Terry Bradshaw introduces and narrates this 5 minute video, which features top executives and actual clients. Experience an inside look of how business and financial professionals sit down to do what America does best – speak freely together and solve problems.

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