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Brazilian Literature Comes From Jaime Garcia Dias

There is one name in Brazilian literature which is revered above many. That name is Jaime Garcia Dias. He is a prolific writer from Rio de Janeiro who has been at the craft thirty years, and shows no sign of slowing down now. He was brought up by a father that was already a journalistic writer in his own right, and served as a substantially inspirational influence on young Dias. His mother was an architect who also came pre-packaged with a degree of renown for young Jaime to absorb, and so he did. Between the two strong parental influences that informed his worldview, Dias began breathing life into new realms of fiction at the tender age of fifteen. By twenty-five he was a professor at one of Brazil’s premiere literary academies. By thirty he became the vice president of that very same institution, and now he presides as president over the academy. In that time he has written some twenty separate fictional works, and there are always additional novels on the way. Currently Jaime Garcia Dias is forty-five years of age, and focuses on many things; not insignificant among them the cogent advancement of Brazilian literature.

It’s difficult to be a writer; by many accounts it’s more difficult than being a singer, a musician, an actor, a comedian, or a playwright. The reason is that feedback and success usually don’t come very soon. In fact, usually they take many years. Even a successful author of several books may take decades to properly make ends meet with what he or she has written. This is because the process is naturally impersonal and takes time. So that Dias has rocketed to popularity on Vimeo and on YouTube quickly is a substantial indicator recommending his writing to the world. People don’t get involved in pieces of writing they don’t identify with. Dias’ writing captures the imagination of many.

There are a variety of reasons for this; one of them is the underlying truth which is conveyed through Dias’ words. Literature is profoundly effective, and important, precisely because through literature the world in which we live can be understandably translated in a way no other medium can emulate. People naturally learn about reality through stories, allegories, and parables better than they do from direct informational absorption. There’s something about oblique learning that recommends fictional scenarios above all else, and this is a reason literature is vastly important.

Jaime Garcia Dias is a bastion of the modern literary climate in Brazil, and for good reason. That he was able to start that career at a young age is even more fodder for astonishment and reverence. The man has a purpose on the globe, and is fulfilling it very well indeed

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