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Keeping That Doggy Smile Bright With Beneful Healthy Smile

Everybody loves their four-legged friends but not so much their doggy breath. Many owners simply write off halitosis as a natural part of being a dog. After all, most pet owners know their dogs enjoy strong scents and bringing back foul smelling “trophies” for their favorite owners. Then one day an owner discover that their poor dog is unable to eat as quickly as they used to. Unfortunately, it is often only after a lengthy vet visit and expensive cleaning bill that the owner learns that the dog breath could have been avoided with simple dental hygiene and dietary care using products like Beneful Healthy Smile.

Like humans, dogs can have their teeth deteriorate and also experience plaque and tartar build up. If the dental hygiene problem is not taken care of quickly enough, it can lead to pet needing a deep dental cleaning, which is both expensive and typically avoidable. Deep cleanings usually involve anesthesia, which can be a risky depending on the age and breed of dog. As a preventative measure, owners should give their dogs chew treats like Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges and Beneful on purinastore Healthy Smile Dental Twists. The treats are designed to support healthy teeth and strong bones and are flavored with real herbs such as parsley.

Chew treats Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Twists are designed to help reduce plaque and tartar build as well as to freshen a dog’s breath. Beneful’s dental oriented treats come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and flavors. Because the treats are edible, unlike many chew bones designated as dental aids, owners do not have to worry about their pets digesting inedible materials or injuring themselves when their non-edible toy breaks into deadly plastic splinters. The dog will also enjoy that their new, edible Beneful Healthy Smile chew toy is so flavorful, and their owners can rest assured that their pet’s delicate belly is safe.

In addition to giving a dog Beneful Healthy Smile dental treats, owners should brush their dog’s teeth at least once a day. There are dog toothbrushes for larger breeds while owners of smaller dog breeds have the option of using a finger brush or brush glove. Some dogs tend to enjoy the flavor of dog toothpaste while others view the ritual with disgust. Either way, if the owner gives their dog a Beneful Healthy Smile chew toy after the procedure, the dog is sure to forgive them. Nutrition also plays a large part in dental health for dogs. It is important that owners feed their dogs high-quality dog food that is full of real meat and vegetables, not filler.

Beneful is one such example of a high-quality dog food. Beneful’s products contain real chicken and egg while others contain a combination of chicken and vegetables. Not only is Beneful dog food more flavorful for a dog, but it is also healthier for them too. As bonus, dog owners can enjoy the rewards of providing good dental hygiene for their pets with Beneful products, which means no more stinky dog breath.

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