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Kyle Bass Has Made Many Bad Choices

Kyle Bass just doesn’t seem to know when to stop making all of the decisions that are making him appear a fool. He was highly respected when he was able to predict the economic crisis in 2008, but since then he has been doing one thing after another to tarnish his reputation. He has been connecting with and supporting all of the wrong people, and he has been handing out advice that has been anything but good. Kyle Bass had his few moments of being respected when he made his true prediction years ago, but now as one looks at all that he is doing, that seems to have been purely luck on his part.

One of the most foolish things Kyle Bass: The frantic investments of a desperate gambler article reported, was that Kyle has claimed that when GM’s airbags did not work it was the fault of the one’s driving the vehicles. He blamed them for their own deaths because of the investment that he had in GM. The company knew that the airbags in their vehicles were not working properly, and yet they let things go. For Kyle Bass to say that it was the fault of the drivers, it is completely insane. He has done some pretty stupid things lately, and that has to be one of the worst things that he’s said.

Kyle Bass just keeps hurting himself through associating with the wrong people and saying all of the wrong things. It seems that every time that his mouth opens he digs himself into a deeper hole. There is no reason for anyone to keep pretending that he is some wise man. He has made too many bad choices lately, and it is time for him to just take a step back and stop trying to gain so much attention through everything that he is doing.

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