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The Gold Standard of American-Russian Dating

Here in America there is certainly no shortage of single and attractive, middle aged women who are actively participating in the dating scene. Equally abundant are middle aged American men of the same description and yet, many of these eligible bachelors are finding it difficult to connect with females whom they would wish to move beyond the dating realm and in to a serious relationship with. This is not to say that these men do not find good in the American women they date as in fact they do however, it seems as though todays American middle aged single men and women are in search of something very different in a partnership at this stage in their lives.

A growing number of men, finding themselves in this same situation, are turning to international dating services to fill the companionship void in their life. There are literally hundreds of international dating services, throughout the world, assisting American men in their quest to meet their perfect companion many of the most popular being those that help to make the American-Russian connection. One of the most successful of these American-Russian dating services and websites is Anastasia Date.

Anastasia Date is not the typical international dating sight so often encountered on-line which is the reason for its success. After completing the simple sign-up process the first thing new members notice is how attractive the women are on the site. This is no mistake nor a scam but instead a product of Anastasia Date’s extensive screening process of its female members. Anastasia Date sets a very high bar for females to become members. Females do not gain membership in the same manner as male members do, they are required to register through an entirely different application which is used to confirm that they do live in Russia. They are also required to meet a certain photographic quality and through the separate application all of their email correspondence are monitored to ensure they are not attempting to scam the male members of Anastasia Date.

Also very different than most other international dating services are the demographics of Anastasia Date’s membership. The male membership are primarily 20 years of age and up, financially secure and well educated. Female members are all verified to be of legal age and range on in to their mid-40’s although there are some female members several years older.

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