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Purina Dog Food World Market Domination

Pet business has become one of the leading businesses as people are adopting more and more pets every day. Consequently, the need to feed these pets has contributed to the rise in companies that deals with pet food. Many companies are working tirelessly in order to come up with a pet food brand that not only offer the pets the required energy but are also healthy. That is why many organizations are going out of their way to make sure that their products are the best in the market.

The demand for pet food has led to Research on ways to make delicious and nutritious pet food. One company that have benefited to the rise in trends in Purina. Purina is a subsidiary for Nestle and is located in St Louis Missouri in the USA. Since 2001, the partnership between NestlĂ©’s Friskies Pet Care Company and Ralston Purina, Purina as a subsidiary of Nestle has been on the rise in terms of dog food market domination. As a result of its massive growth, it has forced its way into the market by bulldozing itself into the dog food market in all continents. Currently, Purina is the leading dog food producer in Europe and North America. The Purina subsidiary of Nestle is one of the major income earners of the organization. Its annual revenue of over $10 Billion dollars annually qualifies it to be termed a lucrative investment. Purina is the maker of famous dog food brands. The organization prides itself as one of the leading makers of pet food and produces a variety of pet products that include Cat and dog litter, animal health products, cat and dog food.

Purina dog food is designed using a special formula that takes care of hygiene, energy, and nutritional value to the dog food. The formulas resulted for unending research by nutritionists and researchers of the Purina subsidiary. The creation of the dog food puts into consideration age, athletism and the nature of the pet. That is why one has to get a specific meal to feed a dog at a certain age or athletism as they offer different nutritional values. For example, an elderly dog is offered a different meal from a young dog since both dogs have different nutritional requirements. The most famous Purina dog food brands include: include Friskies, Gourmet, Beneful, Purina Beyond, Purina Cat and Dog Chow and T-Bonz.

For an organization to be successful, it must be successful in the implementation of its strategies. Purina has over the years perfected its blend of marketing, branding and customer service. A perfect example is its domination on TV adverts of Samsclub Beneful dog food. The branding of such a product has made it a household name among many pet owners. The fact that it is open on its policy of putting pets first is also another reason why many pet owners have a soft spot for the organization. The use of state of art modern technology from manufacturing, packaging, transportation to display in stores has also made Purina dog food Brand strong.

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