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The Amazing Success of Bruce Levenson

In the world of business there are individuals who have really set the bar high for all the competition. These individuals don’t just create a great deal of success for themselves, but they create a great deal of success for the companies they are a part of. Bruce Levenson is an individual who has found a great deal of success in the world of business when it comes to the amazing contributions he has made. He has also had a great deal of success in the world of sports as the owner of the Atlanta Hawks.

Bruce Levenson has a pretty great story of success that started from very humble beginnings. Right from the start Bruce Levenson knew that he wanted a career in publishing and journalism. This really came to fruition when he decided that he needed to start a business. In 1977, Levenson decided that it was a good idea to start a newsletter that would give him the ability to inform those in the oil industry about crucial changes. This was an extremely successful newsletter that helped to really launch Levinson’s career to new heights. The success of this newsletter really helped Levenson parlay that success into future endeavors.

United Communications Group is the great company that Bruce Levenson eventually built into an empire. By creating a network of amazing newsletters UCG became one of the most trusted newsletters in the industry. UGC has risen Bruce Levenson to new heights in business that has allowed him to pursue other endeavors as well. Bruce Levenson helped to develop an app, Gas Buddy, which allows individuals to find the cheapest gas in their area. Tech Target is one of these companies that Bruce Levenson has also helped to create. Tech Target allows individuals to research all of the latest tech information before they make large purchases.

Bruce Levenson also spent a great deal of time being the owner of the Atlanta Hawks. During his time as owner Bruce Levenson was able to bring a lot of great change to the organization. This is something that was done with the help of great coaching and management. Bruce Levenson also had a great deal of personal involvement with the players as well which lead the team to a great union. This union gave the team a great ability to work together on the court to create some amazing in game decisions.

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