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Shaygan Kheradpir: Successful Business And Technology Executive

Businesses know that in order to be successful they need key staff. People that have great knowledge of business and excellent skills when it comes to working with technology. For Verizon, Barclays, and Juniper Networks that person was Shaygan Kheradpir. A graduate of Cornell University with undergraduate, graduate, and PhD degrees in electrical engineering, Shaygan Kheradpir has proven to be a valued asset to every organization of which he has been a part. He has been able to identify and address problems, create and improve their technology, and increase their bottom line.

Kheradpir is a native of London, England, lived in Iran, was educated in Switzerland, and attended college in the United States. Part of the reason for this is because his father, an ear, nose, and throat specialist, often had to travel because of his work. Living in so many different countries has helped Kheradpir to be able to communicate well with people from a wide range of cultures. But what has really made him outstanding is his expertise on fancy.com in assessing organizations, his ability to work well with others, and his seemingly innate understanding of technology.

When he graduated from Cornell, he accepted a position with GTE. Soon afterward the merged with Bell Atlantic and became Verizon. Kheradpir made his mark during his 11 years with the company. He managed a team of 7,000 technicians, helped to develop and deploy a wide range of new technology, improved the company’s use of automation, and reduced Verizon’s operating expenses by 30%. He was also instrumental in deploying the company’s FiOS technology and outsourcing a significant portion of the contract programming operations to India.

In 2011 Kheradpir took a position with Barclays. He remained there for only two years. But by the time he left the company he had helped them with the development of their Transform Program and their Pingit mobile cash system. Both of them significantly improved the customer experience. This led to his promotion to Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer. Barclay’s was so impressed with Kheradpir’s work the made him the first technology executive to became a member of the company’s executive team.

After two years at Barclays, Kheradpir left to become CEO of Juniper Networks. Once there Kheradpir quickly identified a number of issues that were standing in the way of the company reaching their full potential. He then created used a plan to improve the situation. Part of that plan called for the company to buy back some of their stock. He was also able to lower operating expenses and increase the amount of money that investors received in dividends. This helped to mollify many of the activist shareholders and put the company on the path to profitability. Still, at the end of 2014 Kheradpir resigned his position as CEO.

Kheradpir was also very active outside of corporate America. For three years he was part of the YMCA of Metro New York’s advisory committee. He is also a member of Cornell University’s Engineering Council.

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