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Skouting It Out: The New Wave of Connection

Being single has never been easier, or as complicated, as it is today. A quick search of the the keyword “dating apps” on the Apple app store brings up dozens of apps, each of them offering to partner you up with somebody now. Dates and hook ups are practically being served to the consumer on a gilded platter in this oversaturated market, with the various dating apps scrambling to capture the attention and dollars of millions of singles in the connected world. Every app has their gimmick, some offering date suggestions with a simple swipe to the right, while others offer to convince of geo-location to help find your next one night stand. One app, however, is targeting something more than just quick but meaningless convenience and is, instead, offering to provide something more unique and, potentially, much more meaningful: genuine and random connection.
A quick glance at the app’s website instantly shows that Skout is not your average dating app. In fact, the words “date” or “hookup” don’t even show up on the company’s home page. In the world of dating apps, Skout’s mission is to connect people from all over the world for “adventures”. Adventures is a powerful word, carrying with it a feelings of nervousness and excitement, while tapping into the feelings of wanderlust within the consumer. Instantly Skout feels unique, with their promise of experiencing the world without limits exciting the consumer to take a chance on this one app in the sea of competition. Skout is in the business of shared connection and experiences, with the dating aspect coming in as a distant second priority.
This is a great thing.
Using Skout instantly feels different than the myriad of other dating apps out there. Instantly everything feels calmer and, at the same time, much more exciting. There isn’t pressure to look your absolute best in every photo or come up with the most witty, attention grabbing 200 character bio you can come up with. Using Skout feels, dare I say it, almost exciting. In Skout on skoutorganic you find a community, a community of adventurers and explorers. In Skout, you find a community of people. A community of people living their lives and experiencing the world around them, and they want you to share those experiences with them. Skout challenges you to get out their and embrace the world’s adventures with open arms and genuinely meet people along the way. If romance comes from it than that is just an added bonus. Shout wants it’s users to see the world from outside of the realm of message threads and photo swaps. Shout understands that life is a journey meant for those who choose to live it. There are millions of interesting people out there, and all it takes to meet them is a little sense of adventure.

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