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Martina Hingis Takes The Role Of Brand Ambassador For QNET

The independent representatives of QI Group congregate every year in order celebrate the achievements the company has made. The V-convention seeks to bring the representatives together as a way of appreciating its success. In 2015, V-convention took place in Dubai and during the event; Martina Hingis was announced as the brand ambassador of QNET.

In this convention, it also marked the 17th anniversary of QNET. More than 10,000 attendees were present at the event that was held at Hamdam Sports Arena. The audiences witnessed the tennis superstar take to the stage as she was being granted the brand ambassador’s role.

According to an article featured in BusinessWire, Joseph Bismark said that Martina is a great example of his belief that all people can become extraordinary provided that they are willing to grow, work hard, and learn. Adding Hingis to the QNET family was an idea way of celebrating the milestones the company has made.

Bismark also pointed out that his business philosophies are not different from those Martina uses when she is training in track and handling her team. Martina Hingis has been a Glad Slam winner five times. She is also an ambassador representing the International Tennis Hall of Fame in the world. She was excited to be granted the role of being the ambassador of QNET.

Hingis said that she was happy to be associated with a leading global brand. QNET is present in more than 100 countries something that speaks volume in terms of its popularity and strength. QNET offers other sports sponsorships such as the Manchester City Football Club as well as Marussia Formula 1 team.

Hingis also takes the role of representing QNET brand within India. She will be competing in various events that are sponsored by QNET as she plays for Champions Tennis League. Among the things she will do, as part of growing the brand is to wear QNET apparel during the time she competes. Hingis will also endorse numerous products for the brand.

QNET is a company that deals with direct selling and is based in Asia. It has a range of products that sell in the global market. Its corporate commitment allows people to own their businesses regardless of their backgrounds.

Joseph Bismark is the director and founder of QI Group. He became the Group Managing Directors sometimes back in 2008. Bismark is a talented, versatile, and dynamic leader who has helped transform the lives of many people through his company.

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