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John Textor Leads A Group Of Talented Artists

Prominent businessman John Textor is in the game to share his
innovative and unique digital solutions with his creative team members at Pulse
Evolution. Throughout the years, he has held profound leadership
positions at many major corporations including Digital Domain,
Multicast Media Technologies, Virtual Bank, BabyUniverse, Wyndcrest
Holdings, and The Parent Company. Moreover, his admirable managerial
roles encouraged him to launched Pulse Evolution in 2013, where he has
the opportunity to expand their proprietary offerings into the
entertainment sector. Remarkably, with roughly twenty years of admirable management
experience, his expertise has guided novice professionals in their
career pursuits. Most importantly, his educational training in
conjunction with his many executive roles have greatly contributed to
his recognition as one of America’s powerful businessman.

Textor was raised on Florida’s East Coast and, shortly after his high
school graduation he attended Wesleyan University in Middletown,
Connecticut. Notably, in 1987, he received a Bachelor of Arts degree
in Economics. Following his admirable college studies, he worked in various
entry-level positions before cofounding Wyndcrest Holdings the late
1990s. This Florida based firm specialized in private equity
transactions in the telecommunication, internet, and entertainment
sector. His rapid success at this renowned corporation led to his influential
executive roles at Digital Doman, BabyUniverse, Virtual Bank,
Multicast Media Technologies, and The Parent Company.

Although he achieved immense and noteworthy success in his early
professional years, Textor is most acknowledged for his skill in
managing many animated productions. After his six year term as
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Digital Domain, this prominent
figure developed Pulse Evolution in Port St. Lucie, Florida. During
his executive tenure at this leading corporation, Textor and his team
created virtual replications of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and
Michael Jackson. Essentially, his former leadership experiences
provided him with the necessary portfolio of tools related to
holography, music videos, new media, screenwriting, sound, and film
production to teach his group of talented artist proprietary
techniques to deliver the most graphically appealing characters by
employing unprecedented visual effect sequences. Remarkably, the
company’s powerful combination of designers and executives has worked
successfully together to grow Pulse Evolution as one of the largest
human animation providers in the United States.

Alongside his profound professional career, Textor is heavily involved with the
Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe, which is a non-profit
organization focusing on the development of science and technology in
Long Island, New York.

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