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Skout: A Dating & Social Network For Everyone

International Online Friend Day is on February 4, as declared by Skout. The app, created by the company of the same name, surveyed its users to see how many people were using the app in order to make new friends and connections around the world. The company was about to find out that 59 percent of Filipinos, 53 percent of Brits, 48 percent of Australians, and 46 percent of French users became friends with people who live in another country. The company interviewed 52,000 people from 10 different countries.

Skout on skoutorganic.com is a social platform that has connected over 500 million individuals in 180 countries, almost randomly. It’s a free iOS app that has been around for awhile but started to gain popularity due to a promotional campaign via the official Facebook app.

Being a mobile social network, Skout was created to allow users to meet new people, make friends and even exchange photos. At sign up, users can decide if they want to use their email or Facebook. Their profile with basic information will be populated. Some of the things that the app looks at is whether the user is interested in men or women so that the app can customize each user’s display to only show those that each user might be interested in.

The main screen has a grid that displays those that are currently online. If a user was to tap on an image, it brings up the other person’s profile and their basic information is displayed as well as their last few posts, and number of “points” they have. On this screen, it’s possible to send a “wink”, start a conversation, add them to the “favorites” list, send a virtual gift, be alerted the next time they are online, block the person or even report them. Users can also leave comments or likes on their last few posts.

Most of the activities on Skout cost “points” to perform. The in-app currency can be purchased or earned by doing various activities within the app. With these “points, you can see who checked out your profile as well as sending gifts to other users. Another feature is what Skout calls a “wink bomb”. This will allow a user to send a huge number of “winks” in hopes of getting some attention from another user.

There are other ways to use the app. There is a section called Buzz that shows a social feed of either local people, friends, or favorites. The Look At Me area is a bidding game where members can bid their “points” in hopes of attaining a feature spot, thus getting greater visibility to others. To start a conversation with a random, anonymous person, a user would use the Shake To Chat section.

Originally, Skout was created as a tool for those who wanted to expand their social circle. Things shifted in 2014 with the introduction of the travel feature. More than 10 million users starting using Skout as a way to take virtual journeys with the help of locals in the area they are interested in.

Whether used as a dating app, or a way to learn about a possible travel destination, Skout is the perfect app to fit all of your needs.

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