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Mr. Bruce Levenson and how he Helped the NBA Grow Exponentially

The NBA, formally known as the National Basketball Association, is the world’s most popular professional basketball organization. The NBA oversees the operations of thirty teams. 29 of those teams are located within the contiguous United States of America, and one is located in Canada. The precursor to the NBA, the Basketball Association of America, was created in 1946 in New York City, where it is still operated to this day. In 1949, the rival of the BAA, the National Basketball League, joined forces with the BAA to form what is now known as the National Basketball Association.

The NBA has changed ownership of every one of its teams over the years, some many more than others. Some teams have dissipated, although most have just been renamed and swapped ownership multiple times.

One needs to know a little bit about how the conferences are structured in the NBA to understand its world renowned, super popular playoff structure. There are two conferences: the Western Conference and Eastern Conference, which are collectively split up into three divisions. The Atlantic, Central, and Southeast divisions are parts of the Eastern Conference, while the Southwest, Pacific, and Northwest divisions are in the Western Conference.

The playoff system of the National Basketball Association is very entertaining to watch, is both fair to its participating teams and its players, and is easy to follow. The top eight teams of the two conferences are ranked in “seeds” from first to eighth, and the number one team will play the number eight ranked team, the number two will play the seventh seed, and so on. The teams are ranked based on their records in the eighty-two game regular season.

There are four rounds of playoffs, and each round follows a best of seven system, which means the first team of each contest to achieve four victories advances to the next series. The only time the different conferences play each other is in the NBA Finals, which is the terminal series in the NBA playoffs. The playoffs typically span between one and two months, and games are on television nearly every day of the week. This makes the NBA playoffs one of the most exciting to watch for fans.

Mr. Bruce Levenson is the most recent owner of Atlanta, Georgia’s resident NBA club, the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks reached the Eastern Conference Finals this year, only to be defeated by LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Mr. Levenson of UCG has helped the Hawks succeed by assembling a basketball team and coaching staff with chemistry unmatched by any other team in the National Basketball Association. The Atlanta Hawks do not have any superstar players, such as Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, or Kobe Bryant — although they do have a rather solid roster — and rely on their closely-knit team that gets along better than nearly every other team in the NBA.

Every game of the National Basketball Association’s regular season can be viewed by purchasing a season ticket to the NBA on various cable and satellite networks. Visit www.nba.com for more details.

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