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Lawyers in Brazil in association with Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Brazilian law is a derivative of the Portuguese, French, Italian and German civil Law which is based on edicts, codes, and legislation. This is as a result of the influence of the colonialists before their independence. The law is primarily based on the constitution of the federal republic of Brazil. Lawyers in Brazil use the federal constitution as a regulatory policy as they apply the rule of law. Brazil as a country is endowed with myriads of law schools producing some of the best lawyers in the region. The top most legal office is the Federal Supreme Court, which is entrusted with the Constitution for safekeeping. In addition to that, declaration of the state law and presiding over cases dealt with in the lower courts and is in question is also within its jurisdiction. This implies that the lower courts are gratified to abide by the decisions of the Supreme Court. Brazilian lawyers practicing in the Supreme Court are therefore expected to be on the qui vive and with vast updated information on law and legislation in order to come up with right verdicts.

Most of the Brazilian lawyers are situated in Sao Paulo, which is one of the states in Brazil harboring a third of the lawyers in the country. Brazilian lawyers are at liberty to start their law firms, interact with other foreign lawyers and to establish private law consultation institutions. This permission is only granted by the OAB or the Brazilian Bar Association. The OAB is an association consisting of Brazilian lawyers obligated to regulate the legal vacation in Brazil. It is based in Brasilia, Federal District from where it registers clients and practice law.

Mr. Ricardo Tosto is a renowned lawyer and a member of the International Bar Association following his long years of experience practicing law. He is also affiliated to CESA (Centre for Lawyer Societies) where he works as one of the board members. His talents lie majorly in the business reformation, administrative law, civil and commercial law among others. His experience in these fields includes working with the government in legal tenders, multinational businesses and influential individuals in the country. He obtained his education from Mackenzie University from where he graduated with a degree in law in addition to an additional administration course in Fundacao Armando Alvares Foundation Penteado (FAAP). He launched his career as a law consultant in a small office that was situated strategically close to one of the largest and influential law firms in the country. From his office, he successfully defended individuals and corporations that in no time gained him fame in the law industry. He has associated with great people with different dogma, therefore, giving him insight and new angles of approaching legal issues in his career as a lawyer

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