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Why Slyce Stays On Top Of The Game When Matters Related To Mobile Digital Shopping Are Concerned

Slyce is a Toronto-based startup that has taken mobile shopping by the horns. As of March 2014, the company was able to raise $10.75 million so as to develop a better product recognition app that will enable every retailer on the planet to offer customers with the ability to do shopping using images shot by smartphone cameras. The app is set to make it possible for customers to point out their mobile device cameras and find the product on the retailer’s inventory listing. Different with other similar apps on the market, this new app was set to come loaded with added user benefits for an improved overall experience.

It does not have any limitations as to how a user can identify products. Users can be able to identify products even when they are not in their original packaging since it will not be relying on logo identification or OCR. With that added benefit, retailers are set to experience better sales because customers will be able to identify and shop for items much simpler. Different with other apps offering similar service, it relies mostly on the unique attributes of every product and not the logo or packaging.

The new technology was set to target not just retail establishments, because it wants to be resourceful to customers regardless of the location. Just before being launched, the technology was tested on five out of twenty biggest retailers on the US, and results were very encouraging. The results were measured based on sales volume and revenue, and both had gone in the upward direction. Slyce has also been involved in trying to come up with a technology that uses image recognition to tag items for mobile gift registries and enable users to receive coupons for products identities.

The company has also purchased Pounce, a mobile shopping app that provides users with the best deals from retailers and printing catalogs and ads from the smartphone. What made Slyce get interested in Pounce is the fact that it allows users checkout items from different retail outlets without having to enter their payment options more than once. The company has also been offering video and audio recognition, NFC, barcode and QR scanning that all allow for an instant purchase the moment an item is identified.

Slyce was set to change its focus from just the retail customers when launching its latest consumer app that was set to have the ability to recognize objects in the real world and enable one-click purchases. Soon after purchasing Pounce, the latter’s CEO and team joined Slyce’s company executive team. Both teams were incredibly excited to work together, and they were optimistic that the partnership would make even bigger strides in all matters related to technological development.

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