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Joseph Bismark: The role of Philosophy in today’s Business World

A recently released article about the health and fitness regimes of the founding Director of the QI Group, Joseph Bismark released through Reuters. Reveals a clear and staunch advocate for health and wellness. Bismark cycles, swims, works out and to top it all off does yoga asasnas (poses). He monitors his performance by use of a broad array of apps for each activity such as the mapmyride app used when cycling. It tracks fitness activities and creates a training log that registers, distance, duration, pace, elevation speed, and calories burned.

To keep his mind just as sharp as his body, Bismark employs Luminosity a web-based app programmed to stimulate and exercise whole brain function by use of exciting scientific games. While on the web Bismark also shares some of his bhanjans and mantras he uses in meditation. Bismark holds the title of Yoga master at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga; this further engages fitness into a lifestyle for him. These activities go a long way in helping us overcome fears and self-doubts and to achieve the best out of ourselves.

This extraordinary man in all respects began as a founding director of the QI group and then took the helm of Managing the company in December 1998. Surprisingly it hasn’t deterred him from pursuing his other spiritual and intellectual goals. He has held titles such as martial arts enthusiast Vedic philosopher, bonsai master and yoga instructor.

With Bismark at the helm, the company has diversified business interests from direct selling and e-commerce, property development, leisure and lifestyle, luxury and collectibles to education and training and project management. The company has invested in a range of spa and resorts over several countries around the globe from South Africa to Turkey.

To achieve such heights, Joseph Bismark has led a disciplined and spiritual life from a tender age. He lived with monks for a better part of his formative year’s returning at the age of 17 to immerse himself in the corporate scene. The values contributed significantly helped to him co-founding RHYTHM a foundation that is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of the company. Bismark believes that each person can succeed and achieve their potential. One only needs a person help them realize their dream; this could be as simple as a weekly email that he actively sends out to his employees through Gem of Wisdom (GOW) series. He’s proactive and down to earth approach has won him accolades amongst his peers and Qnet employees.

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