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Finding affordable outdoor space in NYC

Many people believe that the only place to find outdoor space in New York City is in a public park, such as Central or Prospect Park. Few home and NYC apartments for sale have outdoor spaces and those that do often come at a premium that is well in excess of what the average person can afford. Some luxury buildings have wrap around terraces with space for grilling or sunbathing alike. In a city like New York where the average home price is enough to stretch many budgets, a small outdoor space is often a luxury that few can afford.

A recent New York Times article in their real estate section attempted to locate properties with outdoor space for less than $500,000. A few homes or apartments were identified in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and, of all places, Manhattan itself. Typically the outdoor spaces consisted of a small patio or courtyard, though several had a proper backyard available. The outdoor spaces in these sub $500,000 homes and apartments often came at a real cost to the indoor living space; the indoor spaces of some of the homes highlighted was even smaller than the outdoor spaces which were modest on their own. However they were fully functional outdoor spaces with the ability to barbecue, have a small herb garden, or simply have an area to stretch your legs and get some fresh air. Anybody looking for an apartment in this price range for less than $500,000 would need to temper their expectations for their apartment with the desire for a functional outdoor space.

While the New York Times article did not mention it, what all of this means that it is more important to use a high quality residential real estate broker when attempting to obtain an apartment with an outdoor space. Not only will they need to be experienced in finding residential real estate, they will also need to be well-informed of the New York City area and the impact that an outdoor space can have on a space. TOWN Residential Real Estate has operated in the New York City area for quite some time and hire professional real estate agents who are experienced in locating specific apartments for their customers. If you are looking for an apartment space that contains an outdoor space and are looking for a cost of less than $500,000 be sure to contact Town Residential for assistance in locating that space.

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