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How Slyce Has Revolutionized Shopping With Its Technology

Slyce is a company well known for its phenomenal visual image recognition shopping technology solutions. As of March 2014, the company managed to raise $10.75 million in funding which was led by Beacon Securities that included Salman Partners, Harrington Global and PI Financial. The company is involved in building image technology solutions and has intentions to become similar to Amazon Flow to every other retailer in the world. The technology is well known for people to shoot images with their smartphones, search them and eventually shop for them.

Similar with Amazon Flow, Slyce’s technology is integrated to retailer’s mobile apps in an effort to let the shoppers have an easy time searching and shopping for items. The technology is well known to compare shopping and drive sales to retail stores that integrate it with their inventory. However, the Amazon Flow technology is a bit different with Slyce’s technology because it requires an item to be in its original package so that it can provide accurate results. The technology is primarily based on logo identification, OCR among other visual shorthand identification cues.

However, Slyce’s technology does not have any limitations, and it can identify images even when they are not in their original packages. This factor alone has contributed a big deal in setting apart from other companies offering similar technologies. The company fathoms that in the near future, its technology will play a very integral role in the way future digital shopping will be done. Slyce tends to rely a lot more on the unique attributes of an image to come up with a similar search result different with other technologies that rely on product identity for comparison.

The company is also exploring opportunities in mobile gift items registries. In the past, it has been involved in partnering with major retailers and the new service will include a platform where users can receive product coupons over their mobile phones. Being among the pioneering companies to combine mobile technology with robust crowdsourcing, therefore, saving a lot on human labor to all retail outlets that integrate their inventories with their stock.

Slyce has also been warming up to working with other platform partners to improve the quality of its services. The company maintains that to improve the quality of its technology, and it needs to work harder in coming up with newer and better services that will ensure that it stays on top of the game. Technology and especially modern technology will continue being very instrumental in providing different lifestyle solutions. Combined, mobile devices and the internet are being the most popular communication method and therefore, integrating shopping in the same was a brilliant idea that will last for many decades to come.

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