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The Eucatex Company and Its Significance

As you can see from Facebook the Eucatex is a company that was established in 1951 at Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since then, the company that capitalizes on eucalyptus products has experienced substantial growth; and as a result, it has spread its wings to other countries like the US. Among its products are panels and tiles for the ceiling, quality paints, furniture, particleboards as well as waterproofing. Since its inception, the company has focused on creating an environmental consolation via the use of eucalyptus trees as the only raw materials. To maintain a constant production, it has established and sustained its forest to tend to the firm’s staple needs. Subsequently, the company’s efforts to support and conserve the environment has earned global recognition and won world authentications like ISO 14001 as well as the Green Seal.

The success of the company is directly connected to the incumbent president, Mr. Flavio Maluf, a mechanical engineering graduate. Further, Maluf studied administration in the USA while doing part-time jobs. Later in 1987 he joined Eucatex and worked at the trade department with an aim to begin his vocation. Accordingly, Maluf moved to the company’s industrial division and remained there until 1996. Notably, it was under the then president’s invitation that Mr. Flavio graduated to an executive in the firm. Upon his entry into the executive, the company experienced magnificent achievement and cooperation that eventually landed him into the presidential position. Currently, he is an experienced manager who is planning on how to incorporate technology and discover fresh products to meet the needs of the firm’s ever expanding world clientele.

Eucatex has fostered diverse programs that aim at aiding the society. Some of such programs are education and athletics that enhance development in the regions where the firm has branches. Moreover, the company has sponsored needy students, and especially those who aspire to become eco-warriors. Further, the company has been at the forefront in the campaign against environmental degradation and trained tutors on environmental maintenance.

Pleasingly, the company’s efforts have borne fruits since the indiscriminative logging has reduced and more forests established. Ultimately the measures to create an eco-friendly society will allow for the company’s development even in the generations to come.

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