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Dan Newlin Proves Why He is One of the Best

When it comes to personal injury lawyers, there are a lot of people in place that are bound to get your attention. These lawyers have the snappy commercials. They promote the business in a way that makes you believe in… Continue Reading →

Economist’s Profile- Christian Broda

Economics is the social science used to determine how the transferring, consumption, and production of wealth is allocated. Economists are the professionals of this social science. They are very valuable for the government and private sectors for forecasting, and other… Continue Reading →

Atop the Heap

Say the phrase talent management, and pictures of Hollywood talent agents come to mind. Nothing could be further from the truth about executive level professional talent management. Talent mangers are specifically tasked with building an exceedingly qualified team to represent… Continue Reading →

How Economists Work: The Culture Of The Job

Economists explore time-intensive to cultivate a rich interpretation of the behavior of society as it pertains to them using scarce economic resources. This often includes the machinery used in production, labor, land and/or raw materials. An economist’s primary function involves… Continue Reading →