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Eric Pulier: The CEO of the Computer Sciences Corporation

The Computer Sciences Corporation is a global leader. They are a leader of information technology services and solutions. Their main office is located in Virginia, USA. Their employees include 70,000 professionals. They serve clients in more than 70 countries. CSC has a very long history of success. They began in 1959 about 50 years ago. When they first began only a few computers even existed in the world. In fact fewer than 4,000 computers existed in the world. Software was rarely included in computers. Early machines looked very old-fashioned, and you only saw them in large organizations, like aerospace companies, the government and universities, because they were not that popular. There was only 2 computer analysts that were working for CSC in the baby stages of the company. They saw the need for a business to be started. Their names was Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jones. Roy Nutt was a programmer, he had even created the first popular assembly program. He was also a member of the IBT team that created Fortran. Fletcher Jones was a marketing whiz. He had managed a divisional computer center before he started being a part of the Computer Sciences Corporation.

By the 1960s the revenue from CSC was 4 million and the employees were about 300. They were very successful, and they bought two ITT divisions that were involved with the US Defense Communication Agency. By the 1970s CSC started developing a remote processing system. This system linked its computers with clients around the world. In the 1980s, the CSC became a global corporate company . They created a very complicated flight testing system for the world’s most advanced airplane. They became very popular in the commercial marketplace by the end of the 1980s. In the 1990s they signed a 10 year outsourcing agreement with the British Aerospace which is now BAE systems. They signed billion dollar partnerships with many companies including the Hughes Electronics Corporation. And they were selected by the US Internal Revenue Service to modernize the US tax systems. Today technology has transformed the world for the better.People use technology in many facets of their lives. CSC now has major operations and centers in over 70 countries and they are on six continents.

CSC plans to continue to improve their international presence.
Eric Pulier is the CEO of the Computer Sciences Corporation. He is only 48 and directs the creativity and the delivery of the corporation.He has has helped to increase its productivity dramatically. He got his education from Harvard University, and has been affiliated with corporations such as Desk Tone Inc. and Media Platform Inc., just to name a few. He is a popular public speaker and a very powerful CEO. This PDF also discusses the CEO.

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