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Sam Tabar Giving Back with New Kickstarter Program

For those who have the financial resources on Crunchbase, it is possible to give back greatly to the world around them. Some look to give back locally and regionally, while others look towards helping individuals from different corners of the planet. That is exactly what Sam Tabar looked to do with his recent investment into a new Kickstarter program. This program looks to empower and assist women who have loved faced uphill battles and odds. With these new services and potential, now is the time for the women to rise up and to have more freedom than before.

Sam Tabar came across the program known as THINX and knew it was extremely important to get behind. The financial strategist and New York attorney looked into some of the problems women face in other corners of the globe and it is beyond just equal rights, but the right to work and the right be able to hold their heads up high, no matter what they are going through.

In many third world nations such as several in South America and Africa, the women not only takes care of the family, but they also work to help bring in money. Without their financial contributions, they are not able to put food on the table. However, when a women menstruates, they are unable to go to work or to school because they have nothing to control it. Buying disposable tampons and pads monthly simply is not in the budget for millions of women in these struggling nations, which puts the family at a crossroad. This is where THINX comes in.

THINX produces a reusable cloth sanitary pad that can be used and washed. This way, women are able to wear the pads and still go to school or work, no matter what is going on or when their menstruation might occur. This allows the money to continue coming in and for the women and their families to avoid further financial hardship. It might sound like something so simple to women in a first world nation who have regular access to disposal sanitary items and who don’t think twice about the item. However, for these women, it is a struggle and simply having these pads makes life so much easier for them. In a life where many things are a struggle, THINX, along with Sam Tabar, has made it possible to be just a bit easier.

The Kickstarter campaign is continually looking for more money to bring more awareness to the pads and to produce more so these pads can be distributed to women around the world. No matter the country they are in and no matter the financial problems they face, these pads can prove essential.

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