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All About the NCEDC and The Man Behind Their Mission

Via their official website (NewarkCEDC.org) the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation also known as the NEDC is dedicated to community structured growth and economic success and sustainability. Succession the community is based on the ability for growth and expansion. Not just expansion but sustainable expansion. This requires strategic housing plans business plans for stores it, and many other aspects of community development. The job that Community Economic Development Corporation has taken on is a large one. They only work with the state of New Jersey and have a mission to grow, enhance, and retain business as well as residential prosperity.

No Easy Task
When it comes to New Jersey in the Newark area, this diverse cultural hub contains 20 beautiful cities that make up the Newark area. To sustain an economically sustainable growth throughout these 20 cities is a large task. The task of the cities growth that is handled by the Newark CDEC is an important one. The CFO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation Kevin Seawright knows about handling big jobs.

A Record of Getting the Job Done
Kevin Seawright has getting the job done figured out. A resident of Baltimore, Kevin has handled many multi-million dollar cases for the state. Working with many different levels of state and government office Kevin has proven time and time again that he has the ability to produce results are positive. Saving a quarter of a million dollars before companies that he has worked for is an average task of his financial abilities. Kevin Seawright is also involved with youth sports as a coach and is a board member of the Babe Ruth Museum.

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