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Achievements Recorded at Citadel under the Watchful Eye of Kenneth Griffin

Owing to the development of new products and services, businesses have been forced to focus on consumer needs and preferences. Market research has been undertaken with the view to comprehend the needs of the market and provide solutions to such problems. Citadel Company has been in operation for over 20 years. Its presence as a global financial entity has been quite instrumental in creating innovative solutions to the market. With operations in different parts of the planet, Citadel has managed to provide hedge funds for institutional and retail clients. With its growing client base, the company has been highly involved in enhancing its operations by providing different products that will satisfy the utility of their clients.
Through Citadel Securities, which became operational in 2002, the company has managed to provide clients with liquidity and trade execution. Citadel has reduced its trading costs and was ranked number one by the Barron’s for provision of price movements for various investors under the S&P 500 and non S&P. In 2014, Citadel Securities made expansions to its product offing to include interest-rate swaps, which have become commonly traded derivatives in the stock market. The company has reduced its quotation time to 0.35 seconds compared to the next counter, which informs its traders about the quotes after 2.05 seconds.
Citadel technology is another affiliate of Citadel that deals in provision of management technology on investment. The company made a partnership with REDI in 2013. The strategic partnership resulted in the combination of the order management system (OMS) of Citadel and execution management capabilities (EMS) of REDI. Citadel has more than $26 billion in capital and is considered as the largest asset manager in the globe. The company’s hedge fund is the most successful in the globe. They have largely focused their attention to equities, fixed income, credit, commodities market and quantitative strategies.
Wallstreetjournal‘s Kenneth Griffin is renowned for founding Citadel Company. Currently, he serves as the chief executive officer of the company. Born in Daytona Beach in 1968, Griffin was quite a brilliant young man who excelled in his studies and was selected to join the Harvard University. While a student at the university pursuing a degree in economics, he was thrilled by market data. He then decided to start Citadel at his dormitory. He got his seed capital from family members like his grandmother and friends. The entrepreneur is known as a philanthropist. In his lifetime, he has expended more than $500 million to various courses that seek to enhance the living standards of poor communities.
In 2009, Griffin and his wife established the Kenneth and Anne Griffin Foundation that has been instrumental in providing contributions to various centers like the Chicago Heights Early Childhood Center, Children’s Memorial Hospital and the Early Childhood Center found in the University of Chicago. Griffin has a passion of collecting art. He donated $19 million to the Art Institute of Chicago.

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