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Contributions Made By James Dondero At Highland Capital Management

From time to time companies require extra capital for expansion, new machinery or a bail out to recover from a financial crisis. When they need extra capital, most corporations turn to investment banks that help them in raising capital and underwriting services. Investment banks act as intermediaries during mergers and acquisitions.To get an entry-level job in an investment firm, you require an undergraduate degree in economics, finance, accounts or business. You also need to be proficient in mathematics and to have excellent communication skills. A masters or doctorate degree will earn you promotional prospects in your career.
Highland capital management is an investment firm that was founded in 1993 by Mark Okada and Jim Dondero. The company functions as an equity manager and alternative credit firm. They invest in private equity, IPOs, mutual funds and hedge funds. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and their branch offices are in Seoul, Singapore, New York and Saulo Paulo. The firm caters to financial institutions, pension plants, foundations, governments and individual investors.
Long term and short term loans in real estate, private equity and credit goods are offered at Highland Capital. The corporation also provides alternative fund services. Highland has fixed income funds that deal in debt instruments, bonds and debts. Their equity funds are categorized in sizes and principals that indicate how each investment is capitalized.
Apart from investments, Highland Capital focuses on community development projects. The corporate social responsibility arm of the firm encourages the employees to join initiatives that give back to society. Their advisory board and nonprofit organization recognize causes that boost the communal spirit where they volunteer and form foundations to help in enhancing worthy causes. They focus on healthcare, education, childcare and elderly care as part of their community projects.
The leadership of James Dondero has augmenting product and service offing besides elevating Highland Capital on the forefront of the investment market. James Dondero received his undergraduate degree in Finance and Accounting from the University of Virginia. He then went for further training at Morgan Guaranty Trust Company. Upon completion of the training, he was recruited as a fund manager at the American Express. While working, he took professional examinations that allowed him to receive his Chartered Financial Analyst certificate in 1987. His academic background and sound management skills have been vital in enhancing his leadership skills at the Highland Capital.
The investment banker has previously worked for Protective Life GIC where he held the position of Chief Investment Officer. With his vast experience, he gathered in stocks, mortgage securities, managing equity funds and emerging market, he decided to leave the company in order to start Highland Capital. He is passionate about community health projects, thus he serves on the board of Cornerstone Healthcare and CCS Medical.

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