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Eric Pulier: The CEO of the Computer Sciences Corporation

The Computer Sciences Corporation is a global leader. They are a leader of information technology services and solutions. Their main office is located in Virginia, USA. Their employees include 70,000 professionals. They serve clients in more than 70 countries. CSC… Continue Reading →

Sam Tabar Giving Back with New Kickstarter Program

For those who have the financial resources on Crunchbase, it is possible to give back greatly to the world around them. Some look to give back locally and regionally, while others look towards helping individuals from different corners of the… Continue Reading →

James Dondero; The President of Highland Capital Management

Investment banking is essential to many corporations and investors around the world. Investment banking companies make sure that corporations and investors are putting their money in the right place. The experts at these companies make investment moves that are likely… Continue Reading →

All About the NCEDC and The Man Behind Their Mission

Via their official website (NewarkCEDC.org) the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation also known as the NEDC is dedicated to community structured growth and economic success and sustainability. Succession the community is based on the ability for growth and expansion. Not… Continue Reading →

Achievements Recorded at Citadel under the Watchful Eye of Kenneth Griffin

Owing to the development of new products and services, businesses have been forced to focus on consumer needs and preferences. Market research has been undertaken with the view to comprehend the needs of the market and provide solutions to such… Continue Reading →

Contributions Made By James Dondero At Highland Capital Management

From time to time companies require extra capital for expansion, new machinery or a bail out to recover from a financial crisis. When they need extra capital, most corporations turn to investment banks that help them in raising capital and… Continue Reading →

Operations At Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is a close-end fund investment company that manages structured and distressed investment, and hedge funds. The company invests in public equity, structured products, high yield bonds, fixed income, and hedging markets. History of the Company In 1990,… Continue Reading →

Things You Need to Understand While Choosing an Investment

Coming up with a profitable venture is what every investor bears in mind. Despite presence of many fields that one can venture in, some people find it challenging to choose an ideal area for investing. Most of this delay can… Continue Reading →

Understanding and Curtailing Corporate Business Risk

In today’s financially challenging environment, it is much more essential for businesses to be proactive in how they handle their financial dealings and risk assessment. In the past, a business could survive without concerns about how long term business finances… Continue Reading →

About Economists

Economists study and analyze our uses of money, specifically in relation to how we use it in labor, raw material, land, and machine usage. They do this by researching and carefully studying all the available data of the current financial… Continue Reading →