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Millennials with Tattoos and the Current Job Market

As tattoos and body modifications continue to be all the rage with millennials, many may have to rethink their personal fashion choices in order to meet the requirements of the current job market.

As reported by Reuters, approximately 40% of millennials have gotten at least one tattoo. Of those with ink, about 70% claim to have their body art somewhere on their body that isn’t immediately visible to a current or potential employer. These numbers matter as more baby boomers exit the workforce and more young employees are seeking full time work. So what are the odds for and against them in the current job market?

In a study by the University of Tampa’s Shaygan Kheradpir, 86% of students with a visible tattoo feared that their chances for employment were diminished once they entered the job market. Of those pursuing body art 89% claimed the impact on their employment prospects influenced their decision to or not to get inked. Even the researchers who conducted the study, students, many of them tattooed themselves, claimed strategy playing a role in where they chose to display their art, thinking of futures in boardrooms and other corporate settings to influence their decision.

Although tattoos are all the rage, and numbers of those getting inked is expected to grow, so, it seems, does regret. IN just the past few years, the tattoo removal industry has seen a 46% increase in business according to numbers from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. On average, a tattoo removal can run a person $464, more than 400% more than the average cost of a tattoo. And though business is expected to grow, the acceptance of tattoos in the workplace is expected to follow as more millennials join the workforce.

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