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Andy Wirth: A True Champion


Andy With was born July 25, 1963 in Neubrucke, West Germany. After completing high school, he attended and graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science degree. He also attended Edinburgh University in Scotland to further his studies.

After graduating, Andy Wirth worked as a ranger for the Rocky Mountain National Parks. Additionally, he worked in San Pedro Park as a wilderness ranger as he adored the outdoors. In 1986, Mr. Wirth became an intern at Steamboat Ski and Resort. He continued to work there in excess of 20 years before being promoted into the parent company Intrawest. Here is where he was named chief marketing officer and executive vice president of marketing. In his position at Intrawest, Mr. Wirth has the responsibility of managing domestic and global marketing strategies. 

If this prestigious position was not enough, Andy Wirth founded the Mountain Village Partnership in 2009 and serves as president on the board of directors. In 2010, Andy Wirth was heralded President and CEO of Squaw Valley ski resort. With his remarkable business savvy, Squaw Valley underwent a incredible $70 million dollar renovation and a gondola connected Squaw Valley to nearby Alpine Meadows. Improvements included upgrades in lodging, infrastructure, design and on a culinary aspect. Amazingly, The once bottom of the 20 percentile ski resort skyrocketed to the top 20 percent under Wirth’s guidance and management. 

Currently, Mr. Wirth resides with his wife Karen in Truckee, California. He has three children from a previous marriage, Cody, Jace and Natalie Wirth. During a traumatic skydiving injury in October 2013, Andy Wirth’s right arm was traumatically torn off. Surgically reattached, this dynamo returned to work after only 50 days in the hospital and 23 surgeries. 

Andy Wirth is an excellent role model. He has succeeded in many facets of his life, not only on a corporate level, but on a personal level.

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