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Joseph Bismark in His Own Words

I’ve been hearing a lot about Joseph Bismark. I’ve liked what I have heard about him so much that I have decided that I want to hear what he has to say directly from the man himself. So I looked for some of his own works. I went to the Joseph Bismark WordPress and read this article “I am Joseph Bismark, Japa Das“. This article was recently published. As a matler of fact, he has published this article yesterday. 

He starts off with his full name Joseph Luis Eleuterio Tomacruz Bizmark. Quite a mouthful, I know. However, even longer than his full name is his accomplishments. He describes himself as the type of businessman who wants to be friends with you. He cares deeply for your happiness. He understands the power of positive thinking. He knows that its power exceeds any self help book that one could read. I myself have read plenty of self help books and they are only as powerful as my commitment. 

I have found so many profound statements in this article than in most other books that I have read. One thing he has said that stuck with me is that while people search for power thinking that it will bring happiness to them, the truth is that the power is in everyone already. He then talked about Michelangelo’s sculpture in which Michelangelo has stated that the sculpture was already there, he just had to chip away the extra bits to reveal the masterpiece. This article has to be read in order to see all of the profound things Joseph Bismark has to say.

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