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Slyce a New Image Recognition App

Image recognition software has been around few only a few decades and in that time it has developed so much. Early image recognition software has various problems. They couldn’t locate a specific object if there were other items in the background behind it, the object was too small, too thin, or it was behind a filter. They were pretty good at identifying an object against a solid background and even detecting objects that weren’t supposed to be in a specific location, like abnormal cells or tissue.

Current image recognition software can do much more. Not only are they better at identifying objects, even if there is a filter or other objects in the background, they can find other images that are similar to the image. For example if a user has an image of a certain breed of dog, the image recognition software will not only identify what type of dog it is, it will also show more images of the breed.

Image recognition software is used in a variety of different job fields. It is used in the medical field to help doctors catch benign cells and artery blockages. They can even be used to spot broken bones and pregnancies. With the addition of image recognition medical diagnoses have increased in accuracy and speed. People in the criminal justice field also use the software to identify vehicle licence plates, mug shots, and finger prints. Using image recognition in these cases has helped find numerous criminals without any additional effort from the police.

Slyce is an innovative new image recognition software application that can be downloaded onto a smartphone device. It is used to find and buy products online. Cameron Chell and Erika Racicot developed the application and released in to the market in January 2012. Since then it has had more than 100 thousand downloads and in the fist two years it made 6 million in revenue. The company implements a very sophisticated program at has over a 90% chance of identifying an object. To use Slyce all a person has to do is take a picture of an item, then the image recognition software will match it with a product online. The user has the option to go to the site where they can purchase the searched item or exiting to continue taking more pictures. Slyce can be connected to the users PayPal, debit card, or credit care to help speed the buying process.

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