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What Do You Need to Write a Wikipedia Page

Writing Wikipedia articles can be an extremely rewarding task, but there are several things you need to do before you can start writing Wikipedia articles. These critical steps are established in order to ensure that your articles can be trusted by your fellow Wikipedia users.

One of the first steps to writing Wikipedia articles is to register an account. Registering a user name and password is an extremely simple process, and it ensures that you will be credited for the actions that you take on Wikipedia. This helps you build a reputation on Wikipedia, so if you consistently write high quality articles users will trust you.

The next step to writing an article on a subject is considering whether or note a subject is worthy of notice. This means that a subject should actually be important before you can write about it. While you are deciding whether or not an article is important, you should also go ahead and search Wikipedia to see if an article has already been written on the topic. If an article has been written, then you can check that article for accuracy, and add in any additional information that you know of.

The next step to make a Wikipedia page is to gather references on your topic. Articles that do not have high quality references will be deleted as they cannot be trusted. Proper references can include newspaper articles, academic journals, and other high quality publications, while blogs and social media profiles rarely count as high quality references. Making sure that your new Wikipedia article is well referenced is a critical step to ensuring that users get the most possible use out of your article.

Once you have written your first draft of your article you should consider gathering feedback, you can do this on the articles talk page. Be as open as possible about receiving feedback as other Wikipedia users are simply trying to make Wikipedia the best site possible. Users may offer feedback on everything from references to the way the article is formatted.

Finally, it is important not to get discouraged while you are working on Wikipedia articles. There are many steps to establish high quality Wikipedia articles and often those steps can be frustrating. Keep everything in perspective as everyone is trying to ensure that Wikipedia is a high quality place to find information.

Writing Wikipedia articles can be an extremely enjoyable hobby, so follow the right steps, and you are sure to enjoy writing for a long time.

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